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Microsoft .Net Update

VISIONS uses the latest Microsoft .NET technology for security and performance considerations. Your Windows software may therefore not support the startup of VISIONS. If this is the case then go to the Microsoft link below to get an update for .NET by Microsoft.

This update has successfully been applied to Windows back to Windows 98.

Here is the info from Microsoft.

A user can run and install Dotnetfx.exe on the computer on which he or she wants to deploy and run a .NET Framework application. In order to install Dotnetfx.exe, the user must have administrator privileges on the computer. You can direct users to a download location for Dotnetfx.exe on a network share, a corporate intranet site, or the Microsoft Web site. If you direct users to the Microsoft Web site, Dotnetfx.exe is available from the Microsoft MSDN Download Center or the Microsoft Windows Update Web site.

Here is the Microsoft update address:


To get this update Click Here

Once you are at the Microsoft web site look for a button to download .NET Framework Version 1.1 Redistributable Package. Select this button and download this file and save on your computer. Then open it to install the .NET update for your version of Windows.

Once this has been done go back to VISIONS and activate. You should now be in business.