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Investor Comments

I have been using Ronís VISIONS software and strategy for several years now, and am a believer that ďslow and steadyĒ does win the race. My monthly results have averaged out to be about twice the return of the S&P 500. I employ this strategy in several accounts and am seeing a monthly stream of income as a result. Even when negative news about a company results in downside movement in the stock, Ronís strategy limits the loss, and even resulted in a few gains. Iíd like to thank Ron for introducing me to the straightforward, low-risk method of generating income with the stock market. I highly recommend Show Me the Money to get you started making money on your portfolio.

Bill Datri
Parsippany, NJ

In the past two years since I discovered Ron Groenkeís book, Show Me the Money: Covered Calls & Naked Puts for a Monthly Cash Income and his accompanying software [VISIONS], I have increased my investment income almost three-fold and virtually without risk. The investment marketplace is littered with thousands of books, newsletters, and software systems and I have bought and tried many of them. What Ron has done is cut through the clutter with a common sense approach to maximizing income through investment. I highly recommend this book.

Bruce Davis
Addison, TX 75001

My experience with Ron Groenke has been very positive. I picked up Ronís book at Barnes & Noble a few months ago. It was well written and easy to read. Even though I consider myself an experienced investor as I was in the financial planning business for over 10 years, this was the first time I had heard of Ronís concept of using Covered Calls and Naked Puts. The concept immediately made sense to me and I have implemented it with a good deal of success. His Visions software is a great compliment to the strategy. Not only has Ron come up with a great investment strategy, he is a very nice, honest man who is obviously passionate about his system.

Mike Conlon
Cary, NC 27511

As a Realtor for 40 years, (since retired) Iíve invested in every conceivable investment vehicle over the years. Ronís Show Me the Money is the only book that shows you how to get paid up front, rather than having to wait for the market to go up or down. Ronís formulas are straight forward, and the software does all the work. I love it!

Gordon Bolton
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

In these times of increased uncertainty and greater volatility it is reassuring to know that, thanks to Ron through his books, seminars and software, we have the ability to make money regardless of what the stock market is doing. In his latest book Show Me the Money: Covered Calls & Naked Puts for a Monthly Cash Income he has distilled a complex subject into easy to understand tools and methodology for generating a regular income from stocks whether you own them or not.

Roger Hay
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

My Name is Jackie Miller and Iím 79 years of age. I live in San Antonio, TX 78260. My A G Edwards stockbroker gave me Ronís first book to read. I have been in the market off and on for 45 years. I just have done fair, but I never found a method I really liked till I got Ronís Book Show Me the Money. It changed my way of investing.

Jackie Miller
San Antonio, TX

I have bought 3 of Ronís books including Show Me the Money: Covered Calls & Naked Puts for a Monthly Cash Income. I find them very informative and explain very easily how to trade Covered Calls for a very nice monthly income. I have attended several seminars, which provides me with additional insight to trading Ronís methods. The software has been very helpful in finding potential trades. Since I have been using Ronís methods I have put cash into my accounts each and every month, which I am compounding the income to do more trades. I am really glad I ran across Ronís trading methods. Ron, keep the good work up!

Richard Power
New Port Richey, FL

I am very happy with the software and the book. Iíve been using the software for some time now with a high win ratio. These tools are a must have for any investor with little time and a conservative attitude.

Blake Hansen, CEO,
DBN Securities P/L, Australia

I used another companyís investing software, and took their classes. However, I felt lost in how to really invest. I read Ron Groenkeís Show Me the Money book, and it was like a light went on. I actually had formulas to use and concepts I could understand. The seminar was great in it helped explain all of the softwareís functionality. I wouldnít use any other software.

Denise Stein,
Smyrna, GA 30082

I think Ronís book, Show Me the Money, is the best Covered Calls book I have read. I have read many investment related books and I have attended several stock and options trading workshops and when I read Ronís book, a light bulb really went off as far as writing options vs. buying options as a speculator. I also like his software [VISIONS] for its simplicity and ease of use. I hope to attend your workshop later this year when time permits. I have recommended Ronís book to many friends too.

David B. Lunn
Westlake Village, CA

I read Show Me the Money a year ago and it really opened my eyes to a sector of the market that seemed obtuse and dangerous. Ronís explanations and the Visions software have provided me a lot of help in managing a rather complex set of investments. Even though I am working with a full service broker, this book has furthered my ability to communicate effectively with the broker. Thanks very much.

Pope Lawrence
Merced, CA