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The Money Tree Tools
for Writing Covered Calls and Naked Puts

provides Wizards, Worksheets, and other functions that allow you to quickly analyze any prospective call and put option prospect.
CALL OPTION WIZARD - Computes the gain (if called or if expired) from call premiums on various strike prices and expiration dates. Indicates desirable (Magic Chart) premiums.

PUT OPTION WIZARD - Computes the Put Factor for any strike price and strike month combination. This factor is then used to show the premium desired in your selection analysis.

PROSPECT LIST MANAGER - Computes Buy Limit, Buy Rank & Take Action Indicator (TAI) for stocks on your prospect list. Also sort by any column. Gets updates from the Internet when requested.

STOCK and OPTIONS Portfolio SIMULATOR - As described in Chapter 14, generates expected return for any account size, level of margin, call and put premium values and monthly, quarterly or yearly option cycles.

OPTION PLAN Worksheet - This worksheet lays out a month by month option plan by stock. Call and put premiums are totaled by month and year. Shows the yearly income potential from your holdings.

PROSPECT LIST Worksheet - Provides the stock selection criteria outlined in the book. Calculates the Buy Limit and Buy Rank for your prospects. Use the Excel sort function to sort on any attribute.

STOCK TRANSACTION AND HISTORY FILE Worksheet - Track your trades and summarize your results over time. Sort by stock to track results like the examples in the book.
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