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My Broker

"Who is your broker?"

I get asked this question again and again.

The answer is, Grace Financial Group for great execution and low commission rates. Check it out. I think you will find their rates and service equal or better to any in the industry.

If you like what you see, you can get even better rates by mentioning that you are an active VISIONS user. I have been able to negotiate a special discount rate for myself and active VISIONS users.

Open an account and tell them you are a VISIONS user and you will get the special Ron Groenke rates as long as your VISIONS license is current.

This allows you to trade options at $ 4.50 + $ .75/contract.

There is no minimum so you can trade 2 or 3 contracts without the worry about the impact of the commission rate. There are no hidden fees and other service rates are the best in the industry.

Click here to open an account at Grace Financial Group.

You can then access your account at Grace Trading from the VISIONS News panel, Home Page, or the Trade Planner worksheet.

Happy Investing, Ron Groenke