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Privacy/Return Policies


On the license of software you may choose to cancel and receive a refund based on the remaining license period. There are no refunds on the purchase of books.


Collection of Data
Both Ron Groenke and Wade Keller are committed to protecting your privacy. We maintain a secure process for collection, transmission, and storage of subscription registration information. We will not sell, rent, swap, or otherwise disclose to any third party any information provided during your purchase of books or software licenses.

Emails & Communication
We reserve the right to send you maintenance e-mails & communication, such as order confirmations, renewal/expiration notices, credit card problem notifications, and infrequent Service Alert messages, regardless of the opt-in status.

We do use certain technologies, such as cookies," to improve & personalize your online experience with our website. Here is how we use these technologies:
  • During the site subscription process or during any session in which you change your subscription information, as a convenience to you to avoid having to enter your username and password on every screen. This cookie is temporary and disappears when you exit your browser. Note: If your browser is set to notify you when you receive a cookie, you'll be prompted to accept the cookie (Yes/No). Please select "Yes."
  • During the login process, you are given a choice to activate a cookie that allows you to automatically login from your computer without having to remember your username and password. This is completely optional. If you accept, the cookie will be saved to your hard drive, and will not be used for any purpose other than automatic login.
  • Track survey presentation, to avoid users from being presented with or submitting duplicate surveys. All survey information is voluntarily disclosed and will not be associated with the individual users.
  • Evaluate site usage by analyzing user information in the aggregate, in a way that does not identify any individual user.
Return Policy
There is no refund on purchase of books, enrollment in seminars or the license of software.

Contact Us
Wade Keller at 590 Fieldstone Dr., Marco Island, FL 34145 or through www.KellerPublishing.com.

Or call Ron Groenke at 888-476-3653 or through www.RonGroenke.com