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Seminar Comments

The book and seminar enhanced my understanding of covered calls and naked puts. I feel I can become more proactive in helping my husband manage our portfolio. Cash for Life is an essential book for any investor. VISIONS software is an absolute must!

Susan Wilhite

Ron Groenke’s stock and options seminar is the perfect complement to his book Cash for Life. I feel I have gained additional insight into strategies that will enable me to improve on my financial goals. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in managing their own portfolios.

Darrel D. Smith
Baldwin, KS

I took leave from work, had to pay a premium for an airline ticket, and came all the way across the country for Ron’s seminar (which took a full day). It was worth it all! Best investment I’ve ever made!!! One that’s going to continue to pay off for the rest of my life! THANKS RON!

Robert Jamison
Sierra Vista, AZ

The seminar/workshop was well executed and very helpful in demonstrating the impressive scope and power of VISIONS. One could really appreciate the many thoughful features Ron has built in to make the process of finding good covered call opportunities much easier. Most of all, I felt the detailed examples and generous supporting information convincingly validated the effectiveness of his unique options strategies.

Richard Bradshaw
La Jolla, CA

The seminar was very informative and presented calls and puts in a simple and easy to follow format. Cash for Life is an essential book for any investor. Ron seems to plan for and share improvements as they evolve. Y’all were great hosts!

Wil Wilhite

After coming to the seminar (which was fantastic) I have taken my knowledge from the book and multiplied it 100 % because of all the fabulous explanations and “real life” scenarios. Ron reviewed his philosophies—why he did what he did—and also reviewed his mistakes. I really loved how he used the software and showed us where to get information, how to maneuver the software.

Beth Anderson

Ron, you certainly know your topic. With your math/programming background, and a calm, controlled teaching style, you make class most enjoyable as well as informative. This is one of the best classes for someone wanting to earn passive income. Keep up the good work Thank you.

Russ Morris
Seminole, FL

The best in the business. Great seminar. It should be named “Covered Calls Made Easy”!

Douglas Bruce
Laredo, TX

I am extremely new to the world of options trading and your book and the seminar opened my eyes to a rather straightforward conservative approach to options trading, how to do it and what my expectations might be for the future (although there are no guarantees). I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and I have never witnessed such an involved or attentive group of people eager to absorb the information you presented. I think that there is a lot more that I will learn because I intend to repeat the class exercise in detail. I am looking forward to seminars that you might present in the future, but next time I’ll be bringing some of my relatives in tow so that they can learn the value of trading covered calls and naked puts.

Richard Short
Dunedin, FL

Ron’s seminar presentation speeds up the learning curve. His covered call concepts and VISIONS searches all came together at the seminar.

K. M. Liebing
Naples, FL

The Covered Call and Naked Put seminar held this past week was extremely informative. The seminar showed me how to better use the Visions software to prospect for qualified stock and covered call trades for my portfolios. I only wished I had known about this software several years ago. Ron’s trading system is very easy to understand with a minimum amount of time needed to make a respectable monthly income. As a developer and programmer of specialized applications for clients, I have a great respect for Ron’s programming efforts. This is a great stock research-trading system.

New Port Richey, FL

Ron has distilled a complex subject into easy to understand tools and methodology for generating a regular cash flow from stocks that you already own.

Roger Hay
Morgan Hill, CA

Ron Groenke patiently and in a down-to-earth manner explains very complex subject matter, namely selling stock options for conservative investors in his book and seminars. His available software is brilliant in making it easier to select particular stocks and options, and he is continuously updating it.

James Devenny (retired patent attorney)
Ottawa Canada

Ron teaches wealth accumulation through cash flow instead of speculation (not trying to predict the direction of the stock).

Ernest Gavalda
Miami, FL

I want to hold him and hug him and pet him and pat him and call him George.

Thank you for turning what seemed like an impossibility into an absolute reality. I couldn’t be happier!

Donna Watson
Tampa, FL

Ron’s seminar presentation was clearly given with information that I know I will put to use immediately. The software program he has developed will save me HOURS of time on research enabling me to oprofit and enjoy my life! Many thanks to Ron!

I am now a “Ron Groupie”.

Debbie Hennessy
Tampa, FL

Many thanks to Ron and VISIONS software. He has shown me a solid way to improve my trading profits by 15%.

Don Watson
Tampa, FL

Thanks Ron. This session of using computers was very beneficial to me. Being a hands-on person I have learned a lot more by actually pushing the buttons. I am leaving this session with the confidence that I can put Ron’s fabulous formulas to work. Ron has put together some great stuff and proves it by his own experiences. It is amazing to me that he has put this software together with his own skills. VISIONS easy access to information will also be very helpful in my other trading practices as well. Thanks again.

Norde Wilson
Salisbury, NC