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Software Users Comments

I have bought very expensive investment software but Ron’s VISIONS is the one I use. I just wish I had learned about VISIONS and the concepts in Cash for Life sooner. The VISIONS software is all that is needed for investing my money for retirement. I like the low risk and steady income aspect, whether the stock goes up or down. I started writing covered calls two weeks after reading the book and downloading the software.

Preston Brown
Charlotte NC

I have been using Ron’s VISIONS software and strategy for about 6 months now, and am a believer that “slow and steady” does win the race. My monthly results have averaged out to be about twice the return of the S&P 500. I employ this strategy in several accounts and am seeing a monthly stream of income as a result. Even when negative news about a company results in downside movement in the stock, Ron’s strategy limits the loss, and even resulted in a few gains. I’d like to thank Ron for introducing me to this straightforward, low-risk method of generating income with the stock market. I highly recommend Cash for Life to get you started making money on your portfolio.

Bill Datri
Parsippany, NJ

Many thanks to Ron and VISIONS software. He has shown me a solid way to improve my trading profits by 15 %.

Don Watson
Tampa, FL

Thanks Ron. This session of using computers was very beneficial to me. Being a hands-on person I have learned a lot more by actually pushing the buttons. I am leaving this session with the confidence that I can put Ron’s fabulous formulas to work. Ron has put together some great stuff and proves it by his own experiences. It is amazing to me that he has put this software together with his own skills. VISIONS’ easy access to information will be very helpful in my other trading practices as well. Thanks again.

Norde Wilson
Salisbury, NC

I started an investment plan using the Cash for Life concepts in Nov. ’05. It has generated cash every month. I also recommend using VISIONS software because it does all the heavy lifting in evaluating the “Time to act winners.”

Dan Mellon

I have been trading—albeit not always covered calls—for more than twenty years. Ron’s method, described in his latest book, Cash for Life, is one of—if not the—most understandable and easy to follow trading method that I have seen. Every concept is described in easily understandable language and each step detailed in easy to implement order. I have been using Ron’s method for over two years and have had much more success with it than any other search engine. Compared with other covered call search engines costing far more (and I have used them) the VISIONS software is the most powerful in my opinion and it is a great time saver.

Stan Graham

I have purchased multiple copies of Ron Groenke’s first two books, The Money Tree and Covered Calls and Naked Puts. I have given them as gifts to friends because I believe the strategies Ron teaches can lead to financial freedom. The VISIONS software is a powerful tool for locating stocks that are perfect for covered calls and naked puts. I highly recommend Cash for Life and VISIONS software!

Mark Casey

Ron’s software and book can teach you how to plant your own money tree, which is even better than a nest egg, because trees keep on growing long after the egg has been scrambled.

T J Gaynor
Chicago, Illinois

I have read innumerable books regarding the market. Of the dozens of books I have studied, I personally feel that Cash for Life is the best written and most useful text I have employed in my trades over the last 10 years. I have used the Visions Software on a monthly basis to assist in picking my covered calls and naked puts candidates. Of all the trades I have made while using this software, I have only lost money on one trade! Amazing! I would like to thank you for all the help your publications have given me in continuing my development as a successful trader!

Bob Anderson
Murray, Utah