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Personal Finance Software Programs
Amazing new software that is POWERFUL, INTUITIVE & REASONABLY PRICED

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Scroll down the page to read about the revolutionary software that will improve your investment success through the use of the three separate investment tools described below.

These tools are based on the concepts and principles detailed in Ronald Groenke's latest book Show Me The Trade

VISIONS SOFTWARE: A Stock and Options Search Engine - This dynamic program eliminates the drudgery of looking for the financial information for the companies that you might want to add to your prospect list. The Full Feature Edition components are as follows:
THE STOCK SCREENER SEARCH ENGINE - A fast executing search that looks at over eight thousand companies and selects those that meet your criteria for Market Capitalization, Sales Revenue, Beta, P/E, and Dividend Yield. Retrieves the list of companies providing name and stock symbol for use in any of the other VISIONS search engines. Your first step in finding great companies to invest in.

THE STOCK SEARCH ENGINE - A data mining machine that gets the data on any list of companies and finds the diamonds (companies with the highest best fit ranking) for investment consideration. It allows you to filter and sort the list to your specified criteria such as Buy Rank, Yearly Revenue Growth, Dividend Yield, PE, Trading Volume, Market Cap, Bare Cash, and many more. Searches can be performed on the supplied lists or on those you create and save.

VISIONS Scout All Stock Search Engine - Scout searches the entire stock market for the best investment opportunities right now. It uses the fundamental and technical analysis as explained in the books "CA$H for LIFE" and "Covered Calls and Naked Puts" by Ronald Groenke. It has identified investment opportunities that have been successful over 80% of the time.

THE STOCK CHART SEARCH ENGINE - Displays a 12 month view of the stocks on your list together with their Buy Limit, 30, 50, 100, or 200 day moving average, and comparison with the major indexes such as the DJIA, SP500, SP100, NASDAQ, or Russell 2000. Provides a take action indicator with number of days in the VISIONS View V. Charts are saved for use at any time.

VISIONS VTAM Black Box - This tool runs the VTAM (VISIONS V Technical Analysis Model) on your stock list to determine the optimum Wait/Buy/Hold/Sell signal for best yearly return. The signal settings are reset anytime a Wait condition is indicated. Each stock has is own chart settings for optimum return with highest probability of success.

THE CALL OPTION SEARCH ENGINE - Displays the call options that meet your strike month, % gain, and premium criteria. It also provides the current price, the 52 week trading range, 50 day average, Buy Limit, Buy Rank, TAI, and Beta. A best fit to the Magic Chart is calculated along with percent gain for If-Sold and If-Expired, and months to expiration. Creates a summary of all the options sorted by best If-Sold % gain from all the stocks in your search list.

THE PUT OPTION SEARCH ENGINE - Displays the put options that meet your strike month, Put Factor, and premium criteria. It also provides the current price, the 52 week trading range, 50 day average, Buy Limit, Buy Rank, TAI, and Beta. A best fit to the Put Factor is calculated along with % discount and months to expiration. Creates a summary of all the options sorted by best Put Factor from all the stocks in your search list.

THE TRADE PLANNER - This tool allows you to prepare a plan for executing a number of Covered Calls and Naked Puts. You can review the overall results (% gain) on your current stock and option selections. You can save and print the plan at any time.

TradeXpress - This tool prepares trades for eleven different trade strategies as described in the book Show Me The Trade. Each trade is optimized for the best return in the shortest time possible with highest probability of success.

THE WATCH LIST SEARCH ENGINE - Display the current stock price and daily change for any stock list. Can be set to run at the time interval you select such as providing an update every thirty seconds if desired

THE STOCK EXPLORER - Displays the Stock Data, Call Options, Put Options, and Chart for any one stock. Allows a quick look at all the information for any one company.
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VISIONS Portfolio Income Explorer: - The VISIONS PIE program allows you to find out how much income you can generate from your stock portfolio on a monthly basis. It is based on the next month best call option available. The major components are as follows:
QUICK LIST MANAGER - Allows you to do a portfolio income review with mimimum input. All that is needed is your stock symbol and the number of shares.

ADVANCED LIST MANAGER - Allows you to create, edit, name, and save your portfolios for a portfolio income review at any time.

RETRIEVE PORTFOLIO - Here you can select a portfolio from the dropdown list. Once a portfolio is selected the symbols are loaded into the list manager and you can start an Income Review with new data or Show Income from Local Data.
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VISIONS Walk-Through - FREE interactive tutorial. Allows you to quickly grasp the power of the VISIONS search engines.

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THE MONEY TREE TOOLS for WRITING COVERED CALLS and NAKED PUTS provides Wizards, Worksheets, and other functions that allow you to quickly analyze any prospective call and put option prospect.
CALL OPTION WIZARD - Computes the gain (if called or if expired) from call premiums on various strike prices and expiration dates. Indicates desirable (Magic Chart) premiums.

PUT OPTION WIZARD - Computes the Put Factor for any strike price and strike month combination. This factor is then used to show the premium desired in your selection analysis.

PROSPECT LIST MANAGER - Computes Buy Limit, Buy Rank & Take Action Indicator (TAI) for stocks on your prospect list. Also sort by any column. Gets updates from the Internet when requested.

STOCK and OPTIONS Portfolio SIMULATOR - As described in Chapter 14, generates expected return for any account size, level of margin, call and put premium values and monthly, quarterly or yearly option cycles.

OPTION PLAN Worksheet - This worksheet lays out a month by month option plan by stock. Call and put premiums are totaled by month and year. Shows the yearly income potential from your holdings.

PROSPECT LIST Worksheet - Provides the stock selection criteria outlined in the book. Calculates the Buy Limit and Buy Rank for your prospects. Use the Excel sort function to sort on any attribute.

STOCK TRANSACTION AND HISTORY FILE Worksheet - Track your trades and summarize your results over time. Sort by stock to track results like the examples in the book.
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THE MONEY TREE STOCK MARKET SIMULATOR allows you to forecast your own picture of where the market may be headed. It is based on your own assessment of things such as interest rates, the employment picture, GDP growth, and other factors. Track your forecast against the actual market performance over time. Use it as a guide for investment decisions.
SIMULATE - Generates a forecast based on your factors. Provides tools for adding any stock or index to your database. Gets the data from the Internet for you.

GRAPH - Prepares a graph of the forecast together with actual performance over a four-year period. Allows you to export the graph or data for additional analysis.
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